Attention Parents and Teachers!

Hannah Savannah Hunt is a lively and precocious ten-year-old living in a row home in historic downtown Savannah. She is an energetic alternative thinker who gets bored easily and uses an extremely vivid imagination to solve dilemmas. Three books are now available for children ages 5-8.   The books and descriptions are below.

Parents and teachers recommend reading the books as they address life issues today that students must learn to resolve...such as diversity, bullying, and accepting family.

In my book Hannah Savannah FInds the Missing Key, the first of her many adventures, Hannah takes on the mystery of finding her Mama's missing carriage house key while hoping to prove to her best friends, Eduardo and Tiesha, that ghosts do exist in downtown Savannah!

Bully for Hannah Savannah" teaches Hannah that she just might not get the lead in the school play afterall!    

"Darn that frizzy-haired Muffy Powell and her moving to this place!  She'd better not get the role of 'Mary Musgrove' or I will never, ever speak to her again in my life!"

 ...BULLING is a major issue in schools... and in society at large.   This book addresses the issue without preaching.   Hannah Savannah develops compassion when she accidentally sees something in the park one day that tugs at her heartstrings.   Compassion and empathy are the key words in combating a bully.   Every child and adult need to brush up on ways to embrace tolerance and acceptance of those in more disturbing situations than our own.

There's a hurricane in Savannah and no access to television or computers!  How boring can this be?  Hannah learns the value of family relationships in Hannah Savannah's Favorite Tales.



"Sir Isaac Newton's not high falootin'

And his theories prove their worth:

The Laws of Gravitation

 Show this man's quite down-to-earth!"


...A perfect house-warming gift!

...It is found in bathrooms everywhere! 

Teachers use it as a resource handbook in getting their students interested in creative writing through an unusual look at history:


Fanny Farmer loved to cook

She taught us all this lesson:

Use measurement in recipes

It eliminates the guessin' !



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