‘No need to buy fancy clothing

It’s not a cruise I’m planning

‘Won’t be on some sunny beach

With a drink in hand while tanning;

Dust bunnies swirl about the house

The school needs cupcakes, alas

My husband begs for another ironed shirt

My car is groaning for gas.

I forgot to pick up the laundry

I missed a meeting last night

My parents are craving a visit

Can you understand my plight?

How I long to view London’s splendors

‘Glide along the Seine in “Paree”

But when my family goes haywire

The scapegoat is always me!

My children want help with homework

Their projects need driven to school

I suppose I’ll just grin and bear it

And follow the Golden Rule.

But if you notice a suitcase

Sitting beside my front door

I’m packing for a GUILT TRIP

And sadly, nothing more.

Copyright 2009, Pam Munson Steadman


The Other Side of Fifty

I’ve done the cocktail circuit
‘Have smiled 'till my face aches
‘Now free to be the quirky ME
I’m finished with the ‘fakes.’
‘Sick to death of dinner parties
And having to make nice
I’d rather be in Vegas
‘Shaking hands with all the dice.
‘Ain’t getting any younger
The world is at my feet
It’s ParisPrague, and Budapest
And dancin’ in the street!
I may have many ailments
But the one I like the best
Brings joy to me like nothing else
Its name is “Empty Nest!”
So if I swear and gorge bon bons
Or stay out late at night
I’m the other side of fifty
And my bark is now my bite!

Copyright 2008 Pam Munson Steadman



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